Kaiso Nao Deguchi

                           January 1892

  The Greater World shall burst into full bloom like plum-

blossoms do - simultaneously. The time for Me, Ushitora-

no-KOnjin, to reign has come at last! This means the world

opened like plum-blossoms shall be Heaven-ruled as ever-

green pine trees; this is the world where things shall never go

well without Kami 's care. Know you, the world has hitherto

been and is that of beasts , the stronger preying upon the

weaker-quite devilish. Alas, the world of beasts! You are so

cheated by the Devil as to be quite unconscious of the truth;

a dark age. If things are left as they stand, order shall not be

kept. Therefore, through the manifestation of Divine Power,

the Greater World shall be reconstructed and transformed into

an entirely New World. After going through an over-all cleans-

ing, the Greater World shall be changed into the Kingdom of

Heaven where peace will reign through all ages to come. Be

prepared for peace to reign through all ages coming. Prepare

yourself for that, humanity! Never shall the world of Kami fail;

there shall be nothing that comes untrue even by the breadth

of a single hair. Know that should Kami err, He would be non-


  All churches in the world are the forerunners of Oomoto, for

Oomoto is the last one. It has come to give the finish to the re-

construction of the world. All the pillars of the Sprit1 in the past

were aware of something of the reconstruction, but they knew

not how to carry it out. They knew not the vital point for the

success of Kami 's plan. But I know everything in the Greater

World. Should you feel forlorn and cheerless, come to Oomoto

in Ayabe to hear the Teaching, and you shall be given Divine

Virtue with which to see everything at a glance and to see all

that shall happen in the world hereafter.

1Seers, prophets, gurus, priests


  People nowadays are all, as it were, simply deaf and blind;

they are in a very dangerous state, in the sight of Kami , like

cups and glasses put on the edge of a well.

  Directry will leaves sprout from the roots of a creeping saxi-

frage; unless both the governing and governed flower, peace

shall never reign. If only the `former' prospers, that will not do;

if only the `latter' thrives, this world will not be peaceful, either.

  Demons in this world must be vanquished and devils chas-

tised with shocks of earthquakes and thunder, or showers of

fireballs; otherwise, it shall not turn into the Kingdom of Heav-

en. But lo! The time has come round when Kami 's plan shall

be realized, so everything will be carried out rapidly, though

not without trials.

  Any soul who knows how things came to such a pass,

please hasten, even a single one, to Oomoto and serve Kami .2

In exchange, thanks shall be given to anyone who has really

fulfilled his mission; for he is a Pillar of the Spirit forever. Being

about the whole world's affairs: this is beyond the comprehen-

sion of people however intelligent and learned they may be.

This Plan should not be detected, (but then, people could not

repent for their ignorance). Because this is the one reconstruc-

tion for all time to come, well it may be that the Scheme is very

difficult to understand, except for those who renounce worldly

learning and sagacity to be returned to baby's heart.  Only

such shall be made to judge correctly. Kami 's Plan is such a

great enterprise that you shall not be able to begin to under-

stand the truth until you have thoroughly purified your defiled


2Onisaburo had not yet come to Ayabe; he will come in Autumn,1898.


 In every country and place in the world shall appear numer-

ous Pillars of the Spirit who are to announce the reconstruc-

tion of the world: they are all working through the Plan of Me,

Ushitora-no-Konjin or Kunitokotachi-no-Mikoto.

  Each one of them may think he is doing something, but is

only being guided by Me, Ushitora-no-konjin, because every-

thing is involved in My Plan. This Kami is not one who delights

in His own merits. I want to let any soul take part in the fun-

damental work, if he understands the Plan. Change the way

you have used your mind and heart, and come to Oomoto and

hear the vital points, to be of Divine service.

   Beware, every angel3 and entity in greater world!  As

streams and brooks babbling down valleys never fail to join a

greater river till at last they are united into one, so is this place

(Ayabe) the pivot where the True Kami resides.

  There shall be a war between China and Japan. This shall

be a successful war for this side, being carried out by Me from

behind the Unseen. With the manifestation of Divine Pow-

er, all the credit for it shall go to My side. There shall yet be

another war starting from Russia. And after that there shall be

greater ones. Such events will be the clue to the Divine Plan

from now on.

 This world should be the Heavenly Kingdom; I will unify the

entire world and change it into one. The way to achieve that

will be toilsome to the utmost, but fear not becouse the Plan

has been wrought for more than 3,000 years. And I will bring

strength to those leaders who hold high ranks in the world, if

they only begin to understand Me. To tide over this Great Cri-

sis to come, you must be humble and obedient to Kami and

prepared to face whatever troubles and difficulties come. With-

out such an attitude of mind on the part of the people, things

cnnot be achieved. This why I will caution you over and

over again.

  Crystal-clear ones4 shall be picked through a selection of

spirits;(for you are driven to the last extremity).

  Hark! Everyone in the world: repent! The world shall un-

dergo a change. There will occur stupendous affairs. Those

who are too doubtful shall have a warning, which will be an

example to others. Kami will never fail in anything. Skin can be

changed at this very moment, but the soul not so easily. Pol-

ish your souls and reform yourselves. Otherwise, you shall not

know what is going to happen, even under your very eyes.

  Never imagine that things will last if the source runs out. As

for a tree, branches as well as twigs will grow as long as the

trunk exists. When the fountain has dried up, can anything last


3Perhaps guardian spirit is meant, or mature and spiritualized men and women
4Individuals whose minds are balanced, who have clear perception, are wise and active in daily life; ubndirtied, not fouled, unselfish.


 As the sun shines but one in the sky, so shall the world be

ruled as one according to Divine Plan. The people of the

world must repent and get prepared! I will restore the world to

the former Divine Kingdom, which shall last forever through

the manifestation of Divine Power. Then, Ushitora-no-Konjin

shall make His appearance as the judge of this world. You

shall see, as it were, the lid of a Jack-in-the-box open. In the

Kingdom of Heaven, those who are sincerely religious shall be

of service.

  If things woderful and extraordinary should happen in

the world, remember that these are but stepping-stones over

which the Divine Plan is to be carryied by Me, Ushitora-no-

Konjin, for the reconstruction of the world. Global happenings,

when taken into consideration, will throw light upon the Divine

Plan and enable you to repent, indeed. I speak by the mouth

of the faithful on the earth, so gradually My Grace will be made

known. There shall be good eye openers, and evil ones; so

amend your conduct in view of coming events.

  When this Kami manifests Himself glouriously, the world

shall be changed into a crystal-clear one,5 so the sooner peni-

tent and converted, the better shall anyone be.

  When the world is turned into a crystal-clear one, every-

thing will go well here on earth. Then, those who have crystal-

clear souls, after investigation,6 shall be in His service. Be-

cause Kami will, upon examination, create a bond which unites

Him and those souls which, once knit, will not break; those

souls will be directly endowed with a portion of His Spirit.

5Here, crystal-clear means a world of peace, understanding, universal love and brotherhood
6By Kami, who will look into the sincerity of the individual's heat and then decide whether he can serve Him or not.

                       Ofudesaki, The Holy Scriptures of Oomoto
                       General Editor, Richard K Steiner
                       Publisher, Onisaburo Deguti Association

                       Revised Edition
                       Originally published in May, 1974